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What Our Clients Say

Candyce J.


Jeremy thank you for your dedicated and professional help. Jeremy and his staff were courteous, professional and got the job done. I am a perfectionist and JC Mechanical went beyond and above to contact Samsung for me several times. I had to buy a new Samsung Heat and Air Combo, but at least I have a warranty. I am sitting in the room and I am nice and toasty because of you and your dedicated work. Thanks again. I will highly recommend you to all.

Joshua C.

Murfreesboro, TN

We've had issues with our downstairs conditioning unit almost since we moved into our new house a few years ago. We originally contacted Hiller, thinking that since they advertise very heavy on the radio station my wife listens to, maybe they were a quality company. That was a mistake and a complete waste of money. The person they sent to our home was unprofessional and apparently inept, as he guessed at the problem and solution, tried to sell us a maintenance package longer than he actually looked at our unit, and left. The problem persisted. About three weeks ago we contacted Jeremy with JC Mechanical and, not only has the problem been resolved, but his courtesy and professionalism is something many companies have lost over the years. This company will get all of our future business and our highest recommendations.

Keith P.

Murfreesboro, TN

Called (on a referral from a very satisfied neighbor) on a Saturday morning. They were extremely responsive (I had already called 3 other companies and got their call center, or no response at all), and after a few interactions they were able to actually diagnose and tell me how to fix the problem (before noon) without them coming out to do the service. Get that level of service from the Happy face truck, I dare ya! I have found my new, and permanent HVAC vendor. Really excited to work with JC Mechanical.

Javan C.

Murfreesboro, TN

If you are looking for help with anything HVAC related, stop what you are doing and call Jeremy at JC Mechanical. I searched for a while trying to find the best company to service my house, and after several frustrating interactions, I finally found these wonderful people. Jeremy and Amanda were an absolute pleasure to deal with, very professional, and very honest! He went above and beyond anything I would have expected, and their prices are amazing. I purchased 2 heat pump units from them with no regrets! He never tried to sell me on anything I didn't need and is welcome in my home any day. They will continue to be my HVAC service as long as they will have me, and will be my recommendation to anyone who will listen!

Bill S.

Murfreesboro, TN

In my business career, I've dealt with thousands of vendors. JC Mechanical is one of the most honest service providers I've ever used. Jeremy, Amanda and Mark are some of the nicest people you will ever meet and they are cost competitive, responsive and competent. They installed my heat pump a few years ago and they are the only HVAC company I will use.

Randell B.

Murfreesboro, TN

Couldn't be more pleased with the service I got from JC Mechanical. The unit for my upstairs (bonus room) had quit cooling and sounded as if it was straining to come on. Although this wasn't a major issue for us (we really don't use that unit an enormous amount of time), I wanted to get it looked at before the onset of cold weather. After a short phone call, Jeremy was pretty sure he knew what the issue was. As it turns out, he was 100% correct and it cost me far less than I had feared! Very personable, very friendly and perfectly willing to answer any questions I had whatsoever.
Whenever possible, my wife and I like to use/support local businesses. I'm very happy to say we just found our new heating and air service providers. Many thanks JC Mechanical!