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Prepared for winter?

As winter approaches and temperatures drop, you’ll find that your utility bills will increase, mostly because of heating costs. However, if you prepare your HVAC system in advance and maintain it properly, you can cut your electricity usage and add to the life of your heating and cooling system.

Examine Your HVAC Unit

Many HVAC systems last as long as 20 years before they need to be replaced. Examine your unit to see whether it is still functioning efficiently and properly. If not, contact JC Mechanical to replace it and provide you with a system fit for your home’s needs. While this may be a large initial cost, it will save you money in the long run and make your house warmer and safer. Be sure to check your HVAC system long before the onset of winter.

Change Your Filter

Sometimes the only repair that needs to be done is to replace an old filter. Be sure to replace your filter every month during the months of heavy use, for optimal efficiency and safety.

Update Your Thermostat

Older thermostats that use mercury can be very inaccurate. This means that you might set the temperature to what you think is adequate, but in reality the heat will exceed your desired temperature, causing you unnecessary usage of electricity. Consider updating your thermostat to a digital one to ensure accurate temperature levels. Digital thermostats are programmable so you can set your heating to go on before you wake up or return home, and automatically turn off when you leave for work.


One of the easiest ways to cut electricity costs is to make sure your home has proper insulation. In addition, ventilation is important as well. During the winter, if your home is not properly ventilated, moisture can build up. If it doesn’t have a way to escape, your roof can rot, and you’ll need to hire a roofing contractor to repair the damage.

Proper maintenance and inspection is the best way to keep your HVAC system operating as its best. If you think you may have a problem, contact JC Mechanical to examine your unit.

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